Dulux has welcomed back its beloved Jelly Beans promotion, this time teaming up with Ballarat confectionery company Ferndale Foods Australia to create gourmet Jelly Beans for the partnership.

From 26 September to 31 October across Australia (or until stocks last), customers will receive a Dulux Jelly Beans tin when they purchase 8L of Dulux decorative paint from Bunnings, Mitre 10, Home Hardware and Inspirations Paint across Australia.

The Dulux Jelly Beans initiative has been running for more than 30 years, each time with a slightly revamped format but always with three core campaign elements – Dulux, Jelly Beans and the iconic Dulux dog!

According to Dulux Interior Brand Manager, Tayler Chalklen Zouch, the Jelly Beans promotion started as a way to celebrate colour and has over time grown to be one of Dulux’s most well-known and highly anticipated initiatives, with customers and team members
alike eager to see the beans roll out at the end of September.

Dulux Chief Operating Officer Pat Jones (left), with Brand Manager (Interior) Tayler Chalklen Zouch assisting in the production of the Jelly Beans at Ferndale’s Ballarat site.

“We get asked every single week on our socials when Jelly Beans will be back and after three years, we’re so excited to bring them to market again with the help of Ferndale Foods! Dulux Jelly Beans tins will be landing in Dulux stockists right across the country so be
sure to head into your local hardware store from 26 September to collect your own,” Tayler says.

Each tin will contain 100 mini packets of Ferndale Jelly Beans made with 100% recyclable packaging, and each flavour of Jelly Bean is also matched perfectly to some of Dulux’s most iconic paint colours. With 20 Jelly Beans flavours to explore, customers can expect to be immersed in colour and flavours! As you take a
nibble on a lemon or cherry Jelly Bean, you might be inspired by the bright and inviting colourways of Dulux Dandelion Yellow or Dulux Symphony Red.

“When we began planning for the 2022 Dulux Jelly Beans campaign, our key objective was partnering up with a great local supplier and refreshing our offer to keep up with market consideration like a more hygienic way to share Jelly Beans, sustainability and portion control. Ferndale were eager to get on board, even bringing back retired flavours and colours from its mid-2010s collection exclusively for the partnership,” Tayler adds.

Ferndale Foods has been in operation since 1995 as a family owned business and is best known for its JILA® mints and Jols® Pastilles sweets. It is also Australia’s largest dedicated producers of marshmallows and specialise in private label products for large
Australian brands.

Ferndale General Manager, Leigh Edward says, “currently, we have 60 employees and produce around 30 million packets of confectionery each year. Excitingly, due to the size and scale of the
Dulux Jelly Beans contract, we are expected to increase production by 66% this year alone.”

“To partner with such an iconic Australian brand [Dulux] and campaign is something we’re incredibly proud of and truly appreciate. A contract of this size impacts our operations immensely as we can confidently invest in our business and people
moving forward,” Leigh says.

Ferndale Foods Australia General Manager, Leigh Edward pictured at Ferndale’s Head Office with the iconic Dulux Dog.

To accommodate the increase in production, Ferndale has employed an additional 14 people as production operators. Ferndale had plans to increase the team as they opened a new factory next year; however, the new Dulux contract has enabled the brand to fast-track employment by nearly 12 months.
“We have been working 24 hours a day, five days a week for 16 weeks to produce the Jelly Beans. We thank Dulux for the opportunity and look forward to celebrating the success of the partnership with the
Dulux team when the campaign is complete!”

For more information about the Jelly Beans initiative and Ferndale partnership, visit www.dulux.com.au.

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