What’s happening at Ferndale Foods Australia

Producing Australian Brands for 20 years

Ferndale Foods Australia is an Australian business, who is 100% family owned, demonstrating sustained business success.

Founded on world class product quality and a highly focused business strategy, Ferndale’s brands, including JILA® mints, JOLS® fruit pastilles and LICORETTE®, provide convenient guilt-free enjoyment for millions of consumers throughout Australia and around the world.

The company’s Delacombe factory has been continually upgraded and produces in excess of 30+ million packs per annum, using world best practice manufacturing and management systems.

Ferndale has developed some of Australia’s favourite confectionery brands, that are now sold worldwide.

  • Established in 1995 by the Edward family in Ballarat, to develop, produce and market new innovative confectionery concepts and brands.
  • Specialising in high quality, low guilt confectionery, generally sugar free, with natural colours, natural flavours and 100% safe for teeth.
  • Competing with large multinationals in a highly competitive marketplace, by developing high quality, popular brands with unique attributes and benefits. Ferndale exports Australian brands all over the world.
  • By focusing on a clear hierarchy of market imperatives – QUALITY, VALUE, AVAILABILITY, ADVERTISING and PROMOTION, the business has established a portfolio of highly popular, market leading brands both in Australia and overseas.
  • Operates a world class manufacturing plant, producing in excess of 30 million items per annum, distributed nationally and to 14 export markets.
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