On Saturday 19th November, Ferndale Foods Australia inducted the inaugural “Legend” into our newly created Hall of Fame.

Whilst Ferndale is 27 years old, it is still relatively young when it comes to history and legacies, however one man has been part of the journey from the start.

Back in 1995, Bruce Edward had dream to create something special, but with little money and big ambition he needed people to support and back him and one man has had a role in every single product we have ever made. There is only one person that can say they have worked with/for Ferndale for 27 continuous years.

Peter Stephens has been Ferndale’s Account Manager with our carton supplier AMR HEWITTS since 1995, and on Saturday we had the pleasure of naming Peter, Ferndale Foods Australia’s first ever “Legend”.

Peter has served Ferndale with class, integrity, passion, trust, skill and precision, and this year supported us in delivering DULUX with 20 million mini packets, in his 27th year in partnership with Ferndale. We estimate that Peter has supplied us close to 600 million “cartons” over his journey.

It was a pleasure to present Peter with this honour in front of 9 of his collogues, our suppliers, customers and many Ferndale staff.

At 78 years old, Peter assures us he is not slowing down anytime soon. Well Done Peter!

Ferndale Foods General Manager Leigh Edward, Peter Stephens and Ferndale Founder/Owner – Bruce Edward
The Legend, Peter Stephens
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