Ross and Robyn Wootton will act as Ballarat ambassadors when they hit the road for the 2015 Variety Bash.

This year the event – which raises money in Victoria for children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs – will celebrate 25 years.

The vehicle is plastered with a massive JiBBA Jelly Bean Logo across the front of the bonnet, making the car from Ballarat one of the most popular. Ferndale Confectionery, one of Ballarat’s greatest manufacturing success stories sponsor the vehicle, providing hundreds of giveaways for the kids along the way.

Over the 11 day journey Mr and Mrs Wootton will make their way up central New South Wales and Queensland to the final destination at Port Douglas on August 22.

“After you’ve done the fundraising aspect of it, because about $1.4 million is raised each year overall, a lot of light-hearted people are out to have a bit of fun,” Mr Wootton said.

“We are visiting towns that have had various problems such as drought, so it also gives us an opportunity to generate a bit of money back into those towns.

The City of Ballarat are the Wootton’s major sponsor. The pair have again helped raise almost $15,000 through corner fundraising, sausage sizzles and other corporate sponsors.

Mr Wootton said the support of the Ballarat community continues to be overwhelming each year.

“There’s other Ballarat teams in it too and all the money we raise goes to Victorian kids with special needs. That’s the other part we love about it,” he said.

“Ballarat has been a beneficiary of money raised from the bash in the past.

“Things like a liberty swing that was put in by Variety which means kids in wheelchairs can go on the swing too and a minibus and so forth has also been donated.

“It is nice to see the dollars going back into your own state and own community.”

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