If you were named Wilson in the early 00’s, chances are you were taunted with the tagline turned catchphrase “You’re a wimp, Wilson!” After a twenty-year hiatus, JILA Mints has revived its classic ‘Not for wimps’ campaign via the same agency that brought it to life the first time, TRP.

Says Leigh Edward, general manager, Ferndale Foods: “JILA Mints are the brand that built Ferndale and “Wilson” is what drove that growth in the early 2000’s. 20 years on, JILA Mints remain unchanged, and with a recent surge in demand, and distribution reaching new heights, we felt that Australia was ready for Wilson once again.

Says Kyle Ross, head of strategy at TRP: “This was a special project to work on, bringing to life work that was done here at the agency two decades ago. It’s a punchy, memorable concept that works its way into your head with just one view. Combined with smart media placement across every addressable screen, category buyers will again see Jila Mints on everything from their living room TV to the phone in their pocket.”

To longstanding fans of the all-natural extra-strong mints, happy days are here again. To traumatized Wilsons everywhere, we’re sorry…again.

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